Here at K Synergy Solutions, we emphasize on customer care and delivers' values to and for customers.
Mainly focusing on customers in Malaysia and Cambodia, providing valued added solutions and products to the top and leading companies in the region.
We also strive to be the largest distributions company for Malaysia and Cambodia, sourcing products from all over the world.

Simply put, we love what we do and want you to succeed. 

KSS is one of the largest distribution companies in Malaysia and Cambodia, sourcing products from all over the world. The company is made of a diverse and passionate team of hospitality experts in composed of the industry’s best and brightest from around the globe.
Simply put, we love what we do and wants you to succeed.
Partners are combined from Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia personnel's varied from different field industry. Although with different industry experiences, each and everyone has a single goal approaching success of the company.
The company was build-up of a great partners from vast experience in business field, market analytical, food and beverage industry and technology.
We work with executive leadership of emerging and established partnership to help them drive growth, optimize performance, and maximize enterprise value.
We employ a collaborative new concept development approach that connects our clients vision with our vast experience, expertise and deep knowledge of the competitive market. Whether our client developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation, our goal is to fully understand our clients objectives in order to help them create a viable brand that connects with guests, has a competitive point of difference and boasts a workable financial model.



Natural Grown Ginger grinded to powder.
Home grown in Malaysia.
NO Herbicide - The ginger farm is covered with plastic bag to prevent weed grow.
No Chemical Pesticides. 


6 to 12 Coffee Bean

Specially blend and roasted from Malaysia.
Premium quality seasonal blend of Tropical coffees, hand-picked from our specialty range.
A well-crafted coffee blend is when you finish the cup and want another. 


Other Products

Specially selected ingredients that suit to your health.
Best Flavours for families and friends enjoyment.
Quality control ensuring customers satisfactions. 


Face Recognition Thermometer

RDX20X face recognition temperature measurement system is a product developed by applying the world's top thermal imaging temperature detection.   


Orthopedic Silicon Gel Seat Pad

Orthopedic Silicone Gel Care Cushion is made of 2 layers. The top layer provides a soft (skin-like) touch and the bottom layer has the appropriate softness to provide support and optimum comfort.
Technology from Japan, Made in Malaysia

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