Face Recognition

RDX-20X face recognition temperature measurement system, a product developed by applying the world's top thermal imaging temperature detection and the top face recognition algorithm from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The device uses thermal imaging to detect the whole face temperature distribution for body temperature calculation, which greatly improves the rapid and accurate non-contact screening of human body temperature. At the same time, the cross application of near-infrared live detection and visible light face recognition technology greatly improves the efficiency of living body detection and the accuracy of face recognition. The system supports 1:1 and 1: n mode switching; and above system environment. It has the characteristics of fast face recognition, high accuracy, high security and good stability. This product is a special face temperature detection product, which can replace the traditional thermometer on the market.

A Great applications for Schools, Hospital, Restaurant, Hotel, Office, Factory and Office.


Binocular live face recognition support face mask/hat/glasses recognition

By associating a portrait library, the subject can realize face recognition without removing face mask/hat/glasses, and can quickly determine the specific identity of the person.

Near-infrared living body detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapt to most indoor and outdoor environments and can quickly identify on the move.

Detection and tracking for 20ms, passing detection for 300-500ms. 

  • Support standard API interface, can be connected with various business systems.
  • Support LAN, WIFI.
  • Automatically record temperature measurement data and generate reports.
  • Push real-time local data to achieve cloud management and multi-layer upper-layer applications.

Body Temperature Abnormality Warning


AI Algorithm

After face recognition AI algorithm and temperature data optimization and calibration, the pedestrian frontal temperature is only detected to ensure the accuracy error of ±0.3°C, and the real-time alarm of suspected abnormal body temperature is realized. The system supports the secondary verification of suspected abnormal body temperature.



Accurate temperature detection in 2-3 seconds/person. 



Non-contact rapid body temperature screening to reduce the risk of cross infection. 


Body temperature and face detection at the same time, fast and accurate. It only takes 20 ms for face tracking and detection, 200 ms for live detection, 150 ms for face feature extraction and 400 ms for face comparison.

Face recognition attendance application.

Open IO signal, Wigan signal, RS485, RS232, TTL URAT signal control.

Support offline use. It supports offline storage of 5000 face photos and recognition records. 

Support for visitors booking, WeChat official account visitors self help appointment, user.

Registration supports access to the card / ID card reader.

Supports 1: n verification and binocular live detection in 1: n mode to prevent photo and video attacks.

In the case of external ID card reading, it supports 1:1 verification, and the recognition pass rate is 99.99% under 1:1 verification.

1: N pattern recognition accuracy is high. When the face database is 5000, the false recognition rate is 1 / 10000 and the pass rate is 99.87%.

Dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream is adopted. 

Support face recognition, live photo saving. 

Support serial port, Wigan output, output content support configuration.

It supports offline LAN device deployment and online HTTP transmission cloud deployment.

It supports IR face detection and light compensation recognition in all black environment.

It supports light compensation at night with the cooperation of photosensitive sensing.

Support external QR code scanner, ID card / IC card reader.

Support screen display content configuration, custom company name.

Support recognition distance configuration.

Support interface docking and customization.


  • Recognition height 1.2-2.2 M - Recognition distance 30-50 cm(Thermometric distance) 
  • Recognition distance - 30-50 cm(Thermometric distance)
  • Face angle - 30 degrees left and right, 30 degrees up and down.
  • Identification technology - Near infrared living detection, embedded visible face recognition, adapt to most indoor and outdoor environment, and can be quickly recognized on the move.
  • Face recognition time - Detection tracking 20ms, pass detection 300-500ms. 
  • Accurate temperature detection -The temperature detection accuracy of 2-3 seconds / person time can reach ± 0.3 ℃.
  • Status display - Name broadcast display, user-defined information broadcast display face database 5000 (expandable)
  • Other - Whether to wear safety helmet identification, whether to wear glasses identification.

Hardware Specifications

Dimensions / Weight / Build

235.7mm * 115.2mm * 23.2mm
754 gram
Aluminum alloy shell, toughened glass panel 

CPU / Memory

ARM 4 Cores
Expandable 64GB TF Card


Display / Camera

7-inch LCD, resolution: 1024 * 600 /RGB AI Dual WDR Cameras,
Micron AR0230 Sensors 


Extensions Interface Ports RS485 x1, RS232x1, Wiegand 26/34, TTL x2, On-Off signal(D1,D0),
RJ 45 Ethernet Port,  WIFI 802.11b/g/n (2.4/5.0 Ghz)

Rated Voltage & Current / Operating Humidity

DC12V, 2A / ≤90%

Choices of Stands for your preference


Desktop Model

Simply elegance for just as a Desktop style. Usually used for Counter type registrations purposes.


Landing Model

An outstanding design to be standing on a floor. Retailers finds this useful. 


Wall-mounted Model

Office and retailers uses this for space is the issue.

What is in the Box?

  • RDX20X unit - 9 inch panel, 7 inch Screen, Thermal Heat Sensor Camera.
  • Power Adapter - Input 100-220V, 50-60Hz, 0.7A, Output 12.0V, 2A, 24.0W
  • Bracket - Wall Mount with Screws.
  • Screen Protector.
  • Lan Cable - 1 meter Cat 6 Cable.

Price - RM 4,199
Promotion offer - RM 3,800

Special offers also available for System Integrators, Security Consultants, or Retailers.

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