6 to 12 COFFEE

Premium quality seasonal blend of Tropical coffees, hand-picked from our specialty range.

6 to 12 Premium Blend selection is our premium quality seasonal blend of Tropical coffees,
Handpicked from our specialty range. This Premium Blend Coffees are high in flavour and at times intense, however, we understand not everyone wants their coffee to jump out of the cup with extreme character.
Six to Twelve Premium Blend was designed to be rich, smooth and strong – offering a delightful experience that you can drink any time of the day or night. A true test of a well crafts coffee blend is when you finish the cup and want another straight away – nails this brief exceptionally well.
The evolution of this blend has been a tremendous journey over 10 years, fine tuning and tweaking the coffees in our portfolio to create something we know works perfectly for the styles of espresso beverages preferred by the discerning all coffee lover.
The medium acidity profile of this gorgeous blend has been engineered to match with milk so the flavours are present without overpowering.
This blend represents the future of premium coffee blends - just the right balance, structure and finish to make you crave that second cup.

Dark Roasted, Full Body, Good Aroma, Heavy Taste, and High Bitterness with Medium Acidity.

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